What are Essential Oils?

So, what even are essential oils?

OK, I’m about to drop a big truth bomb over here.

If you are a human in the world, you have already come into contact with essential oils, you just might not have realized it. When you rub blades of grass together and bring your fingers to your nose, or when you peel an orange and notice that the smell fills the air around you and lingers on your skin, you are experiencing an essential oil.

It’s pretty simple, really. An essential oil is just a liquid, made up of naturally-occurring compounds, that is distilled from some part of a plant. This could be the leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots, seeds, resin, or some other part of a plant. These compounds help to protect the plant against threats, attract pollinators, and give the plant its distinctive scent. You might be thinking, “Ok that’s cool, but why the heck do I need an essential oil? Last I checked, I’m not looking to attract any pollinators.” I hear you. Sit with me for a minute.

You, human, are a carbon-based life form. Plants are also carbon-based, which means we can easily assimilate them into our bodies. In addition, your cells are surrounded by an oily membrane that functions as a filter, trying hard to protect the cell from invaders. Unlike most forms of western medicine which are water-based, essential oils can actually permeate this oily membrane and get to work on your body at a cellular level. The compounds that make up each essential oil have different healing properties, which we can use to help support our different bodily functions.

Essential oils have actually been used by humans for centuries in spiritual practices, beauty treatments, cooking, and as a form of medicine.

They were highly valued trade items, and viewed across cultures as a sign of wealth. You can use them today for a wide variety of benefits including emotional aromatherapy, natural cleaning and beauty products, and to support various body systems for health and wellness. Essential oils are extremely versatile, and can be used individually, or blended together for specific purposes. This makes using essential oils simple, practical, and cost-effective.

The power of essential oils is founded in research and is an increasingly popular topic in many scientific arenas today.

It is important, however, to know that not all essential oils are created equally. There are many grades of essential oils, ranging from the perfume grade that is found in most cleaning and beuty products, to Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, that is currently only found in those produced by doTERRA, the world’s leading essential oil company. I encourage you to read labels, reach out to manufacturers, and do your own research before using essential oils – as the regulations on holistic healthcare are vague at best. Trust your intuition, and be sure to partner with someone who is going to provide you with continuing education, and ongoing support.

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