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I know all too well that travel can be stressful, especially during the holidays and summertime. There are lots of people on the move, occasionally hazardous conditions, and tensions are often at an all-time high.

So here are some of our must-have road-trip essentials.

1. Snacks and drinks. 

This seems like an obvious one, but I can’t tell you how many times we’ve hooked up the RV, gotten the dogs settled in the back seat, and hit the highway only to realize that no one packed any water or something to munch on. This is often when the trouble begins. It’s super easy to pull into the nearest truck stop and pick up something cheap and convenient, and far from healthy. So now I plan ahead. We tend to opt for snacks like nuts, trail mix, fresh fruit and chopped veggies, and yummy protein power balls. You want to look for something that is nutirent-dense, easy to eat, and consists of real food.  It’s probably not a big surprise that my favorite drink for travel is old-fashioned water – but I always spike it with essential oils to keep things interesting and for added health benefits. I like lemon, grapefruit, wild orange, lime and even spearmint for a flavor boost without the extra sugar or calories. Sparkling water is also a great option if you need something fizzy and fun.

2. Music and entertainment.

Music is always a must for road-tripping, and I think investing in Sirius XM was a great decision for us. We also like to fill our travel time with Audible books and Podcasts. It’s fun to be able to listen to something together, and then pause it along the way to have discussions. Some of my favorite audiobooks are the Harry Potter Series (seriously the narrator is so good and they’re so long), and just about anything in the self-development world that is read by the author. I’m a bit of a Podcast junkie, but my main go-to’s are: Hol-Fit Talks, How I Built This, Jocko, and Super Soul Conversations.

3. Blankets.

Again, something that took us far too long to figure out. The hubby tends to run hot, and I am almost always cold. Believe it or not, I feel like I use my road-trip blanket more often when we travel in the summer because the blasting AC makes my teeth chatter, which in turn makes me all kinds of cranky. We keep a small, cozy throw under the back seat of the truck so I’m never without it now. Smart husband.

4. A notebook and something to write with.

I swear some of our best conversations happen when we’re on the road. Since there’s not much else to do, it’s a great time to do some dreaming and tap into your inspiration. I’ve been known to type notes and such in my phone while in the passenger seat, but there’s something about putting pen to paper that just can’t be replicated. It’s also so fun to pull out your notebook and flip through past brainstorming sessions.

5. Essential oils.

You didn’t think I would leave these out, did you?! Having a diffuser in the car has been a wonderful addition to our long travel days. You can diffuse anything you want really, but here are a few of our must haves:

  • Digestzen: For all things digestion. Especially if you omitted Step #1 above and ended up eating something from a bag or a drive-through.
  • Peppermint or Ginger: For motion sickness.
  • Wild Orange and Peppermint: To help keep you alert and focused for the drive. Also super helpful if you’re co-captain often falls asleep on the job (guilty).
  • Lavender or Serenity: For the kids or dogs or road rage.
  • OnGuard: For all the germs you are sure to come in contact with at every rest stop along the way.

I hope this list gave you some ideas for things to try to make your travel days a little more enjoyable! Let me know your must-have essentials in the comments!