Purchase Essential Oils

The best way to get your hands on these essential oils, and begin using them to achieve your health goals, is to become a dōTERRA customer.

Much like Costco, your dōTERRA customer account allows you to purchase all of your essential oils and products for 25% off. You order when you want, and have your items shipped to straight to you. No hidden fees, no obligations. In addition to saving money, becoming a customer gets you access to all of our continuing education, personalized wellness consultations, and me as your personal oil guide.

Becoming a customer is a $35 initial investment for the first year, and $25 to renew each year after. Your membership renewal also comes with a free 15mL bottle of Peppermint as a gift.

Most people choose to get started with a small starter kit, which waves your initial $35 customer account investment.

This also gives you a good collection of oils for you to begin using right away, without feeling overwhelmed. I have listed my two favorite starter collections below, but you can access the complete list or browse the website HERE.

Once you order your box of magic, we will schedule your complimentary welcome call during which time I will show you how to use the essential oils you purchased, help you establish routines to achieve your health goals, and provide with you additional resources to make sure you’re comfortable. I will also plug you into our private Facebook community group, where we have over three years of information catalogued for you to use as a resource.

I believe the most important step is not in making your initial purchase, but in implementing these new tools in your life in a way that is easy and fun.

Ready to get started? Contact me for a complimentary wellness consultation so I can help you choose the best option for you.