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Beat the burnout and thrive using super-natural habits that stick. Now is the time to master the art of real self-care, and learn to make yourself first on your priority list. Expect to hear holistic health and lifestyle tips, essential oil education, and positive mindset strategies so you can show up as your most magical you!

I’m Kelley, your podcast host, and personal holistic health hype girl! I’m also a self-care coach and certified essential oil specialist, enneagram type 2, full-time RV traveler, and chronic illness warrior. Thanks for being here!

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The Wholesome Nomad Show - a self-care podcast that teaches super-natural habits for better health. Hosted by Kelley Wimp.

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Ep. 8: Finding Magic in the Mundane

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The last 12 months have been a challenging time for so many of us. We have gone from working from home, to living at work. Many of the simple joys we used to find every day have now become chores, and life can feel super monontonous. 

What if we sought oppportunites to uncover the magic in the mundane? To find sparks of joy in the every day moments? 

Find out how this simple practice can infuse more life, energy, and magic into your every day. 

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Ep. 7: Self-Care Practices for Your Love Language

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Do you know your love language? Pioneered by Gary Chapman, the concept is simple: we each experience (and show) love in different ways.

Our “love tanks” feel full when we are shown love according to our love language. The five love languages is a powerful tool used to strengthen all relationships (not just intimate ones) and help us all feel more loved and fulfilled.

They are:

  • Quality Time
  • Physical Touch
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Giving/Receiving Gifts
  • Acts of Service

In this episode, I share some ideas on how to use your unique love languages to uncover what to priotize for your self-care practice. I also share some essential oil pairings to further enhance your practice and help you anchor into the feelings that arise when you feel truly cared for.

Find Your Love Language HERE.

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Ep. 6: Sugar, Sugar – How to Beat Sugar Cravings

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Anyone else out there battling a bit of a sugar addiction?!

You’re not alone, my friend. In fact, most of the people who say “yes” to the Kick the Candida cleanse are wanting to beat the sugar cravings…and have some fear around giving it up cold turkey. 

In this epsiode, learn some of the reasons why we crave sugar, why it can feel hard to quit, and my top tips for beating the cravings next time you feel yourself reaching for that afternoon pick-me-up or evening sweet treat.

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Ep. 5: Top 5 Tips for Better Gut Health

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It’s no secret that our digestive health is important, but not many people really know why. In this episode, I tell you why your gut health matters, and give you my top 5 tips for improving your gut health right away. 

If you’re ready for a gut health reset, you still have time get in on the next round of Kick the Candida group cleanse and coaching program, starting January 23rd. Early bird pricing ends 1/15! 
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Book Recommendations: 

Fiber Fueled by: Dr. Will Bulsiewicz

The Mind/Gut Connection by: Emeran Mayer

Cleanse to Heal by: Anthony William

Ep. 4: New Year’s Habits > Resolutions

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Are you already being inundated with the “New Year, New You” marketing campaigns?! Sick of feeling forced to make resolutions that don’t stick? 

Listen to me right now. We don’t need a “new” you. We need YOU. Exactly as you are. Showing up in all of your magic.

I fully believe you have all of the keys inside of you to unlock your next level of ____ (health, relationship, career, etc.) You might just need some new or different habits to get you there.

In this episode, I break down why HABITS win over resolutions every time, and how you can use them to create the lifestyle shifts you want to see in the new year. Read more here.

If you know for sure you want to create some new habits around your physical health, it might be time for you to join us for the Kick the Candida gut health reset cleanse, starting January 23rd! 

Ep. 3: Habit Stacking: The easiest way to make a new habit that sticks

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They say it takes 21 days to make a habit, but I’m living proof of the fact that you can absolutely fall off on day 22. Just sayin.

In this short episode, learn the secret of “Habit Stacking” to set yourself up for success when you’re trying to add a new habit to your day-to-day. Whether it’s a new vitamin, a workout routine, or just trying to make your damn bed, habit stacking works because it cuts through the overwhelm and makes it easy! I’m all about easy.

One of my favorite easy habits for total-body wellness is taking a drop of Frankincense essential oil daily. It helps with anxious feelings, improve immune function, and reduce inflammation.

To learn more about my favorite oil, check out my blog post for the Top 5 Uses for Frankincense Essential Oil. Or grab the Frankincense masterclass and ebook!

Ep. 2: Why the term “self-care” makes me cringe and how to redefine it

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Every time I hear the term “self-care” part of me cringes. Our culture has taught us that self-care looks like taking a bubble bath while drinking an expensive bottle of wine, or sitting on the beach somewhere exotic being fed grapes by a half-naked man. I mean, that all sounds great, but it’s not exactly accessbile to everyone.

So. What even IS “self-care?”

In this episode, you’ll learn what self care IS, what it IS NOT, and how to begin redefining it for yourself.

Here’s the dictionary definition: SELF-CARE (n.)- the practice of taking an active role in improving or protecting one’s own health, happiness, and well being.

Take note of the fact that no massages or pedicures were mentioned, babe. Let’s make self-care work for us, yeah?

Download your free self-care road map here.

Ep. 1: Welcome to The Wholesome Show!

Listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts – 17 mins

Hiya, friend!

You lead such a busy and abundant life, and I feel so honored that you would share some of it with me. I created this podcast as a safe space to learn and grow as we work toward redefining what self-care looks like for us and taking action towards our goals so we can heal. Because healed people go out and do amazing work in the world.

This episode is a short and sweet intro so you can get to know me and what to expect here at The Wholesome Nomad Show.

Let’s connect! You can join my free Facebook group, the Supernatural Self-Care Social.