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I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease (an autoimmune issue affecting the thyroid and hormone system). In addition to hair loss and breakage, I’ve been experiencing night sweats, fatigue, low libido, brain fog, loss of appetite, and anxiety. Couple that with this little global pandemic we have going on and my stress has been through the roof. It’s been a great time!

I have begun working with an amazing functional medicine practioner to heal the hormone imbalance and work to reverse the Hashimoto’s in the most natural way possible. I will continue to write and share about my journey, in the hopes that it helps someone out there who is struggling with the same thing.

In the meantime, here are some of the natural solutions for hair loss that have been working for me.

You know when you just get that gnawing sense that something’s wrong, but you can’t quite figure it out? I’ve been avoiding writing this post for months. And I’m shaking as I post it now. I think I was afraid that sharing openly about my own health struggles would unravel all of the work I’ve done to get where I am today.

But in working through it all, I’ve come to the awareness that this fear of the unraveling is exactly WHY I need to share this new part of my story. Because I know I can’t be alone, and there is healing in the helping. Here’s hoping something in this post helps you if you are also seeking some natural solutions for hair loss.

PS: I am NOT sponsored or paid by any of these companies listed here. This post does contain some Amazon affiliate links, and I will get a little kickback if you purchase something using one of them.

Essential Oil Hair Growth Spray

If you’re here, you probably already know about my love for pure essential oils for natural solutions. Because these plant extracts are carbon-based, their constituents actually work on a cellular level and even cross the blood-brain barrier! (Learn more about how essential oils work HERE.)

Here’s a recipe I made with oils that can promote hair follicle health, stimulate the scalp, and support healthy hormone balance. Remember that not all essential oils are created equal, and you’ll want to make sure you only use Certifued Pure Therapeutic Grade oils that have been tested for quality and purity.


Add 5-7 drops each Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary, Geranium, and Tea Tree essential oils to a 2oz spray bottle. Top with water.

To use: Simply shake and spray onto scalp daily, making sure to part hair in multiple places and massage gently.

Best Brush for Thinning Hair

I did a TON of research to find a high-quality hair brush to use that would help to gently detangle my hair, without tearing it out. I’ve been super happy with this one from Spornette. It’s gentle, but gets the job done, and there seems to be much less fall-out each time I brush.

Natural Supplements for Hair Loss

If you search for “supplements for hair loss” you’re going to get about 5 million responses. I’m all about keeping things as simple as possible, so I’ve been sticking with:

Scalp Massager

Scalp massagers remove product buildup and oil, improve circulation, stimulate hair follicles, and can even relieve tension!

I have been using this one every time I wash my hair, and it’s arguably the best $7 I’ve ever spent. It’s easy to use and keep clean and a who doesn’t love a good scalp massage?!

Simply lather your hair in the shower, and use the massager all over your scalp. I’ve been adding a drop of Rosemary and Peppermint essential oil to my shampoo (more on that below), and my scalp feels clean and tingly after use.

Natural Shampoo + Conditioner for Hair Loss

Again, there are a bazillion companies out there claming to stop hair loss. It’s super important to me that I use nontoxic beauty products as much as possible, and Purad’or one of the only brands I found that passed the test. They are cruelty-free, plant-based, and made in a solar-powered facility which is just neat.

I’ve been using their Advanced Therapy shampoo + conditioner, and leave-in scalp serum for a few months now and have been super happy so far. Keep in mind, it’s a natural product so you might not get the “suds” that you’re used to because it does not contain the chemical sudsy agents. It just might take a bit to get used to if you haven’t been using natural hair care products until now, but trust the process!

Other Tips

In addition to the things I’ve listed above, here are some other ideas to help with hair loss:

  • Wash less often. I find I can go about 5-6 days between washes. Here’s my favorite recipe for DIY Nontoxic Dry Shampoo that works wonders for in-between days.
  • Don’t brush or style your hair when it’s wet. Let it dry as-is.
  • Keep your hair in a loose braid at night if it’s long enough to avoid tangles.
  • Avoid heat styling as often as possible -you might be surprised with what your hair does naturally!

Here’s a little snapshot of the progress I’ve been seeing! Progress, not perfection.

I hope this was helpful, and that you feel like you’re armed with some action steps to move forward. Feel free to leave me a comment or find me on your favorite social media app if you’ve got questions!