How to Use Essential Oils

The only way to get results and have profound experiences with your essential oils is to use them! Here are some easy and practical ways to get you started. I encourage you to experiment, play, and trust your intuition. If you find yourself wanting more individualized support and/or additional resources, please reach out to me here so we can connect.

Please keep in mind, all of the information you will see here relates to the use of doTERRA essential oils exclusively. For more information on the doTERRA difference, and why I choose to partner with them, check out the blog post here.

There are three main ways to use your essential oils.

1. Aromatic Use

DIFFUSING: A diffuser is a small machine that uses water to disperse essential oil molecules into the air. Unlike a humidifier, diffusers do not add moisture to the air and do not heat the water. Instead, they produce a cool mist and are specifically designed to be used for the aromatic benefits of essential oils.

Diffusing is a great way to purify the air, elevate mood, improve mental clarity, protect against environmental threats, repel insects, promote restful sleep, and so much more! Simply add a few drops of an essential oil (or several!) of your choice to a diffuser in your home, office, or car, to instantly receive aromatic benefits.

In addition, using a diffuser is a much safer, less expensive, and non-toxic alternative to candles, incense, and other synthetic home fragrances that can be irritating to the skin and respiratory systems.

INHALING: Don’t have a diffuser nearby or in need a something a little more intense? Place 1-2 drops of oil in the palm of your hands and rub them together, creating friction. Cup your hands over your nose and mouth, avoiding the area around your eyes, and breathe deeply through the nose and mouth. You can also inhale straight out of the bottle! I like to breathe in any leftover oils from my hands after applying them topically, for added emotional benefits.

Check out this article on the “Power of Aroma” for more information on how our sense of smell affects our bodies, and why simply smelling essential oils can be so effective.

2. Topical Use

To use essential oils topically, place 1-2 drops into your hands and apply to the targeted area. When beginning topical use, dilute all essential oils with a carrier (my favorite is fractionated coconut oil, aka “FCO”) and start by applying to the soles of the feet. This will help to reduce the small risk of experiencing any skin sensitivities, especially in young children, elderly, or people with sensitive skin.

I love diluting my essential oils in roller bottles, because this makes them super convenient to use, totally customizable, and will help your oils last longer. As you use your oils over time, you may begin to apply the essential oil neat if no sensitivities are evident, although applying with a carrier is always recommended and can even increase absorption rate and efficacy. Some of my favorite places to apply oils topically are the bottoms of the feet, the inside of the wrists, over the heart, and along the base of the neck and spine.

3. Internal Use

Taking essential oils internally can have incredible health benefits. The easiest way to begin taking oils internally is by putting a drop or two in your water, tea, or smoothie. Make sure you are using a glass, stainless steel, or ceramic container as the purity of the essential oils can disintegrate the synthetics in plastics and aluminum.

You can also begin adding essential oils to your favorite recipes in place of spices and herbs. Remember, doTERRA essential oils are very potent, so start with just one drop or insert a toothpick into the bottle and add to your recipe that way, in order to avoid an overpowering taste.

You can also ingest essential oils by filling an empty veggie capsule with whichever oils support your needs. In addition, doTERRA has created some amazing supplement products that conveniently come with encapsulated essential oils to take the guesswork and energy out of making your own.