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Essential Oils for Grief

I've been avoiding writing this blog post for weeks now. Part of me hasn't really wanted to talk about this topic because, well, it sucks....

How to Beat the Winter Blues

Do you ever feel a little less than motivated when those grey, dreary clouds hide the sun for more than a few days? Yeah,...

DIY Facial Toner

What's In Your Beauty Products? Did you know the average woman applies over 500 chemicals to her body every single day? Or the fact that...
Hi, I'm Kelley! I am a holistic healthcare leader and wellness enthusiast with a serious case of wanderlust. My husband and I live and travel full-time in our fifth wheel, Bernadette, with our two dogs in tow. I began learning about natural healthcare after being diagnosed with Gastroparesis in 2014, and now work to empower others to take charge of their own healing. When I'm not traveling or playing with my essential oils, I enjoy reading, being outdoors, and attending live theater performances.